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About Us

moore.Ai is an award-winning technology developed by Smallspark Space Systems (S4) in collaboration with the world leading Department of Operational Research at The University of Southampton. Funded by Research England and the Welsh Government, we are working with some of the world’s most exciting and innovative engineering and manufacturing firms we offer next generation design services, powered by our in-house artificial intelligence tools.

Our Projects

moore.Ai is currently in use for several projects with key players in industry that are currently secured under non-disclosure agreements. With their permission, we will be showing case studies that demonstrate the power of moore.Ai in both the automotive and aerospace industry.

AI to assist in designing of aerospace structures and propulsion systems

The team behind moore.Ai is officially backed for cutting edge research by Research England, the only company to receive maximum funding for two rounds of research.

At moore.Ai, we look to tackle the hardest problems out there, and we can help you with yours.